SocialNUI research is showcased at the SingularityU Australia Summit in Sydney

Hasan Ferdous, Martin Reinoso, Zaher Joukhadar and Frank Vetere at the SingularityU Australia Summit in Sydney.

Frank Vetere, Hasan Ferdous, Zaher Joukhadar and Martin Reinoso represented SocialNUI at the SingularityU Australia Summit in Sydney in February. The SingularityU Australia Summit brought together leading experts on exponentially accelerating technologies.

The SocialNUI team showcased the Augmented Studio at the Summit’s Tech Demo Hub. Conference attendees were able to interact with the Augmented Studio and experience some of the on-body projections systems, including an anatomical skeleton, muscle models (see photos), a beating heart and the circulatory system model.

Attendees were amazed by the system, taking selfies and videos of themselves with skeletons projected on their bodies. I have never seen anything like it before! one enthusiastic participant exclaimed. Augmented Studio even featured in the presentation of keynote speaker Daniel Kraft (Chair in Medicine and Neuroscience, Singularity University) after he gave it a go.

The SocialNUI team was on hand to answer questions and explain how Augmented Studio is being implemented in physiotherapy teaching at the University of Melbourne.

It proved to be a popular stopping point for the tech crowd.

Martin Reinoso and Hasan Ferdous demonstrate the on-body skeleton projection capabilities of Augmented Studio.
Martin Reinoso and Zaher Joukhadar have a bit of fun with Augmented Studio at the SingularityU Australia Summit.