Technology Explorer Circles

Are you aged 70 or over and interested in exploring the role of new technologies in facilitating ageing well?

As part of the Ageing Bodies and Embodied Interactions research project, we are seeking to recruit a group of approximately 30 mature age 70+ individuals (‘Technology Explorers’) to assist us in an Australian Research Council Discovery Project exploring the utility of virtual worlds and avatars in facilitating social participation and ageing well.

If you are interested, you would be asked to participate in several bimonthly Technology Explorer Circles (TECs) that will trial a range of virtual reality systems and avatars (visual animated representations of a real person) as well as other new technologies that have relevance for seniors.  Each meeting will last no longer than two hours and lunch will be provided.

Technology Explorer Circle meetups will be held in Melbourne and Bendigo, and Technology Explorers will need to be able to get themselves to one of these locations.

In addition to trialling virtual reality systems, participants will be subsequently asked to take part in interviews, focus groups, online surveys and design workshops to evaluate each system and play a contributory role in developing prototype virtual environments and avatars. 

If you are interested in participating in this project, please either email Steven Baker directly or complete the form below.

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