Ageing Bodies and Embodied Interactions

Creating Social Inclusion Through Mediated Presence

Project overview

An older man using a headset to manipulate a virtual interface

In today’s ageing society, innovation that promotes the social inclusion of older adults is vitally important. It is well known that older people who have access to meaningful social networks and who actively participate in community or group activities benefit from enhanced wellbeing that enables them to live a full and active life for longer. However, as people approach advanced old age their opportunities to engage in these activities often diminish. Increasing frailty and deteriorating health can impair mobility, keeping people confined to their homes.

This project will investigate how full-bodied gesture-based interactions and avatars can be used to create a sense of virtual presence between older people who are unable to meet together face-to-face. With the use of depth camera sensors, the research team will analyse how older people represent themselves using virtual avatars on television screens in making social connections.

The project builds on previous research including the Growing Old and Staying Connected project that examined the role of technology in improving older people’s experience of social isolation.

This project aims to identify how natural user interface (NUI) technologies can be designed and used to facilitate active social participation for older people constrained by limited mobility.

This project is supported by an ARC Discovery grant (Project ID DP160101368).

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Project team

This is a multidisciplinary project involving researchers working in the fields of human-computer interaction, computer science, social work, gerontology, and aged care policies and practice. The project team comprises:

  • Frank Vetere
    Frank Vetere, Professor & Director, Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI, University of Melbourne
  • Jenny Waycott
    Jenny Waycott, Lecturer, Dept of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne
  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker, Research Fellow, Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI, University of Melbourne
  • Thuong Hoang
    Thuong Hoang, Research Fellow, Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI, University of Melbourne
  • Romina Carrasco
    Romina Carrasco, PhD Candidate, Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI, University of Melbourne
  • Elizabeth Ozanne, Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne
  • Briony Dow, National Ageing Research Institute (NARI)
  • Frances Batchelor
    Frances Batchelor, National Ageing Research Institute (NARI)
  • Jeni Warburton, John Richards Initiative, La Trobe University

Contact details


Baker, S., Waycott, J., Pedell, S., Hoang, T., & Ozanne, E. (2016). Older People and Social Participation: From Touch-Screens to Virtual Realities. In Proceedings of the 2016 ITAP Conference, Kochi, Japan [PDF]