Our mission and goals

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The Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces (SocialNUI) is a place of collaborative research for creating and understanding innovative Natural User Interfaces (NUI) that facilitate human communication, collaboration and social interaction.


To be international research leaders in the social aspects of natural user interfaces and to design ground breaking human-computer interface technologies that allow people to communicate, learn and work together in new ways.


  • Undertake ground-breaking applied research in the field of Social Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies
  • Be locally and internationally recognised for research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Explore and develop new SocialNUI technologies for unique, responsive, intuitive and productive user experiences
  • Address research challenges in a societal-focused centre working on practical problems with commercial potential
  • Provide training for the next generation of skilled HCI researchers and software developers
  • Promote world-leading HCI Australian research through outreach activities